How to add a manual shipping option through Webhooks

We have added a webhook endpoint for “Create Label” by following guidelines at:

But on the same page; it says:

Contact us at or via chat with the following information:
* Endpoint URL (Something like https :// )
* Tracking URL (Something like https :// )
* Name of the method (Name they want to show when choosing the method)

So, my first question is related to this:
Is registering a Create Label webhook not sufficient for adding a manual shipping option through the API, should we also contact support to add it? Or do not bother registering a webhook at all and just contact support?
FYI, I did what’s said; contact support via ticketing system and also chat; they redirected me to here (community website). Still not sure how this works.

Second question is; once we registered webhook for Create Label, shouldn’t we be able to see the manual shipping option on the shipping app on the Shipping Method window?

Every time you need to add a new webhook you can reach support without any problem, you won’t be bothering them, and once the webhook is created you will be able to see on either in the mobile app, or shipping.shiphero or web dashboard in the order detail page on shipping options.

But we don’t see it as a shipping option:

Can you guide us on what to do step by step and where to check in order to see results?

(the reason I put this as a separate comments is:
your system says; ‘Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.’)

Hello @youparcel I think was a misunderstood and the method was not correctly added on first time, I just re-added please can you validate you will be able to see as screenshot shows. Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 14.57.42

Hi again galvarez,
This worked but I have 2 questions;

  • X-Shiphero-HMAC-SHA256 header does not seem to be coming our way. Are we missing something? Can you clarify that please.
  • Is it possible to change the Method Name? How do we do that?

Let me know which method name would you like to rename, and if you can share me the request we are sending to investigate.