Customer Status Page

I am looking for help with a functionality I want to offer my customers. What I want is to offer customers an overview of which items in their order are on backorder and which are not.

Shiphero has a return portal which has almost all the functionality I wish, customers can lookup orders there and process returns if shipped.
For items that have not been shipped, I would like to offer the added information of which items in their order are on backorder and which have been allocated.

Another functionality that would also work for me, is for the information to be displayed in the shopify order status page. That would actually be a better solution come to think of it.

Thank you!

Hello @Maxvdw!

Welcome to the ShipHero Public API community. Glad to have you here!

Just to be sure, are you requesting some Dev from the community to assist you, or are you asking for pointers on how to pull that information from our API?

Have a great day!

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Hey Tomas,

I am requesting help from a dev :slight_smile:

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I am still looking for a developer to assist me with this, please reach out to me if you can help me. Thank you.

I would like to discuss this requirement with you