Default, pending and unfullfiled Order Status

Hello Community,
Can you please clarify the meaning of following order status

default & pending: When we create an order this is the default status which we see in fulfillment_status of order and its line items. then what does “pending” mean here.
I want to know the difference between default and pending status.

unfulfilled: Ok I know it means the order is not fulfilled yet, Can we assume it as “inprogress” status which means the shipment is ready to ship but not shipped yet. OR does it has a different meaning here? Kindly explain

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @khungersumit!
For this purpose, default & pending will be the same, meaning that they are still pending fulfillment, and have a Default status.

unfulfilled means every order without Canceled or Fulfilled status, even with a custom status

They won’t mean that they are ready to ship, they will only refer to the fulfillment_status of the order

Let me know if that doesn’t help.

Hi @tomasw

Which status from the available status should I use for the “order which is ready to ship” but not shipped yet. (Assume Neither I have custom status nor I want to create new ones)

I can see the available status “unfulfilled”, “default”, “fulfilled”, “canceled”, “pending”. Are there other status available too besides these.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @khungersumit
We don’t have a filter for Ready to ship:Yes as it will depend if it has no holds, no locks, and everything allocated for example.
We do have a filter on that screen at that indicates if it’s ready to ship
Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 09.10.08

But it is not related with the Order Status itself, and also not exposed through the Public API
Let me know if this doesn’t helps explain the difference.
Thanks again!