Exclude shopify orders from syncing

Hi, is there a way to prevent some orders from being synced from shopify to shiphero? we are migrating to shopify and we are already selling. Still, we need to sync orders periodically that we don’t want to be on Shiphero since our current system already synced them. Is this possible? thanks

Hi @apopelka

I believe this is not Public API-related, but I’ll answer it with the knowledge I have:

There is no way to prevent some orders from syncing from a sales channel. What you can do is have Automation Rules to cancel those orders in ShipHero but not in the platform.

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Yes, it’s possible to exclude certain orders from syncing between Shopify and ShipHero. You can achieve this by setting up filters based on custom order tags or specific order statuses in Shopify. Alternatively, explore ShipHero’s options for setting up rules or filters to exclude orders based on criteria like order creation date or attributes.

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Thanks both, but I could only find what @Luisperrone says, which is to auto-cancel orders via automation, I can’t find any other way, do you have extra details @gregbowers