Gettings tags from Product API

I need help with your product API.

I made a manual query in Postman to pull inventory details from Shiphero and it returned the tags from Shiphero- Examples – Developer Resources | ShipHero

But when I run the automation from Integromat to retrieve the same details, the tag is returned empty.
We need to use the singular “product” query to get it to work. And it works everywhere but Oil Garden.

Tried doing it for per SKU but still doesn’t return any tags. Strangely it works for all other vendors we have in Shiphero.

Is this something you can help with?

Hi, @ShrutiR Welcome!
Please send over a request-id that I can copy, and I will be happy to take a look!

Hey @Theresa, The request-id is 611ecd263a8b6095a22da95f

Hi! I ran it through both the 3PL and the clients accounts. The tags show up when you run it through the client account. The request id 611d8287bd44c13398b0fb20 came through on the 3PL account

Okay. So request ID- 611ed93157b98e966a3ade90
Query- {“query”:“query{\r\nproduct(sku:“OG6620073”){\r\nrequest_id\r\ncomplexity\r\ndata{\r\nsku\r\nwarehouse_products{\r\navailable\r\n}\r\ntags\r\n}\r\n}\r\n}”,“variables”:{}}

What should I add here so that I get the tags in response?

It would need to be run through the account of the 3PL customer. Right now it is going through The Market Fulfillment Centre account and it should go through Oil Garden.

Hi @Theresa I’ve tried using the below, but it returns “Cannot query field “sku” on type “ProductConnection”.”
Am I using the wrong query? I would really appreciate if you can point out what I may be doing wrong here and help me fix it.


Hi @ShrutiR !

Try using a Query like this one:

query {
  products(sku: "OG6620073", customer_account_id: "61893") {
    data(first:2) {
      edges {
        node {
          warehouse_products {

The reason you cannot access product details just by using the Product query is that the product belongs to the Customer account instead of the 3PL

By specifying the customer_account_id you should be able to access their products as well as their characteristics. The filter is not available in the Product Query but you can use the Products Query and filter for the first result to adjust the complexity

Thanks in advance!

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