Help API issue Syncing with Shiphero


We are continuing to experience issues with Order Syncing Between our sysyem and Shiphero:

  • Error Message “Product with sku XXX does not exist”

I have seen these with the following 3 SKUs:


I checked Shiphero and there isn’t anything out of the ordinary with these 2 SKUS compared to workable SKUs

  • Orders just yesterday were working fine without an issue

Hey @Josue,

Thanks for reaching out!
Would you mind sharing the request id for the query that’s returning that message.

Let me know if there’s anything I can assist with.


+Vege Lin

Please help provide more details.

+Paul Chen for visibility,

I am now seeing that orders submitted will not transfer over to Shiphero.

Hey Team,

If you could provide the request id or the request and response of the queries displaying this issue, that would be great!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


@Paul Chen @Vege Lin could you help with this.

  • I am not the right person to provide more details to Shiphero and need support.

Hello @Rayanp,

We have found the issue. We insert the wrong environment with sandbox user and password so our order got routed to the wrong place and causing those error. Thank you for your following!


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