Hold order option

Some of my data entry personnel have suggested that it would be convenient to have the option to place an order on hold somewhere on this screen.

Hi @Jong !
The option to put the order on Hold should be on the Report an issue section:
Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 10.22.12
There you should be able to put the order on Hold.
Do you need it on the other screen as well? I’ll be happy to mention it to our UX team if that’s the case.

As a friendly reminder, this community is for the Public API :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, thanks for the tip!

We’ve looked into it, the issue we have with it is that it requires us to declare a reason for placing the order on hold. If a permission could be created for some users to bypass this, we could grant it to our data entry and it would be perfect.

Our company has a cutoff time for orders. Anything ordered after that cutoff time will be shipped the next day. We’re basically just wanting a quick option to place new orders on hold so that we don’t have people accidentally working on them instead of the older orders that have a higher priority.

Absolutely @Jong
I’ll place a Feature Request for this and let you know once I have a response about it.
Thanks again!