How do I know how effective the Self-Service portal is?

We launched the self-service returns portal on Wednesday of last week, and now we have a blend of customer-created RMAs, as well as our own internal RMAs within the Returns view in Shiphero. What I would like to see is how many of these were created via the portal vs by our own customer service department.

Additionally, the report that downloads doesn’t show reason codes, it only shows the description field which is oft-left blank. This would be helpful as well to group return reasons.

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Hello @JBagazinski!
Are you referring to querying the returns using the public API? Or the export al columns button in the UI?

If it is the first one, you can poll the reason field in the query. If you need me to, I can show you how. Unfortunately, there is no field to find out if it was created in the portal or manually.

If it’s the latter, we will be able to offer more help if you create a ticket in our customer portal. You can access it from within the UI by clicking the help button in the top horizontal menu. A window will pop up in which you will find the ticket portal and our knowledge base.

Please let me know if this doesn’t help.
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I was referring to the export all columns button within the UI (sorry, I’m not a technical user, more of a business/admin user). I am trying to calculate a few things - first adoption rate, second how much time this has saved our CS team, and third what the common reason code is for returns.

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Hello @JBagazinski!
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Then I believe the best would be to channel that through the ticket system.

Please let me know if you have trouble accessing it.

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