How do we update Tracking Number and Tracking Company via API?

Is there a way to update tracking Number and Tracking Company for fulfillment that exists, and not done via Shiphero ?

Step 1. We create fulfillment in Shopify for certain orders. We do not create tracking_number until we get the info back from our fulfillment partner. When we create the fulfillment, this state is accurately reflected in Shiphero.

Step 2. Once we get the tracking_info, we update the tracking number in Shopify. This time, shiphero does not reflect the new changes in Shopify. It has no idea of the new tracking number.

So, I am not sure if this is broken native integration or Shiphero never picks up tracking info update for fulfillment done outside of Shiphero. If so, looking for ways we can directly update this info in Shiphero.

Hi Dawa,
Because this is a question that is for the Shopify integration, it is not something related to the GraphQL Public API. There are settings on the store level that will download fulfillments made off of ShipHero from Shopify in the UI. This Knowledge Base article has more information on settings and will be helpful. If you have more questions, please address them to