Pushing tracking numbers to a third-party service

Is there any way to push tracking numbers to a third-party service to send emails with tracking to my customers? The Store I want to use does not support this, and neither does your platform, so I’m stuck otherwise.

Hello @kshum!
Welcome to the ShipHero Public API community.

For getting the tracking numbers/URLs of the shipments created, you can use our Shipment Update Webhook. You can find its structure in this link: Webhooks – Developer Resources | ShipHero.

This webhook will send all the information about a shipment to the endpoint you provide. Included in that payload, you will see a field named tracking_number and another one called custom_tracking_url.

Those two fields will provide the information you require. This will need something on your end to get the data from each field and add it to the email.

Please let me know if this helps.
Have a nice day!