Post Purchase Emails

For the post purchase experience our customers receive mails only informing that their orders have been shipped. We wanted to sent them updated mails about where their purchase are and if they have been delivered. After having a chat with shopify support they informed me that for the moment ShipHero are telling their system to send a shipping confirmation but are not sending any updates beyond that.

Is it possible to include information through the API on the status of a shipment so that customers can be notified?

HI @Pooja!
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You would like to track the order after the shipment has been made? (like ups tracking for example)
Thanks in advance!

Hello @tomasw,

Yes please

@tomasw Hello, any update on this one please?

Hi @Pooja!
We apologize for the delayed response about this!.
In that case, you will need to make an integration with the carrier involved and using the tracking number of the order.
We don’t currently have a tracking feature inside our app for this purpose, once the shipment is made we don’t track progress on the carrier.
Please let us know if that doesn’t help or we could help with anything else.
Thanks again!