How long should webhooks take to be delivered?

We just started trying to use webhooks in our sandbox environment, and we started with the “PO Update” webhook, but very quickly we noticed a considerable lag between the time when the PO is saved/updated in the ShipHero UI and the time our system receives the webhook payload. The lag is 4-15 minutes. This lag surprised me that it was consistently so long. Is this normal? Could it be related to the fact that we are testing in a “sandbox”?

I do understand that SaaS systems like ShipHero that deliver webhooks could have occasional delays due to various reasons (load, technical slowdowns, etc), but waiting 5-15 minutes for a webhook does seem excessive if this is a regular think. I checked the webhook documentation page and it says “A webhook delivers data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately.”

This morning I’m seeing that my updates in the UI are triggering a webhook almost instantly. I saw a couple instances yesterday where the webhooks triggered within 10 seconds, but most took 4-15 minutes as I mentioned in my original post.

Based on this I’m guessing that the intent is for the webhooks to be fairly realtime, but I’m still curious if multi-minute delays are a regular occurrence or not. Being clear on this is important as we may need to adjust our architecture if these webhooks regularly have a big lags. Or at a minimum we need to be prepared to talk to our business users about the possibility of these delays.

Hello @shaun. We do not have statistics on this. The intent is for webhooks to be as real-time as possible, but they can take up to 15 minutes.
Have a nice day!

Okay thanks for the info. For the integration process I’m working on now, I decided that this kind of delay is acceptable.