How quickly is data available in the API?

Hey Team,

I’m curious real time data is in the API. For example, if an order is fulfilled at 12pm EST, how long should we expect to see this reflected in the API? Is it safe to assume data may be backfilled? e.g. an order is fulfilled at 12pm EST and isn’t reflected in the API until 1pm EST?

Wonder if you have some SLA around that?


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Hello @daniellanger! The API points to the same data shown in the UI, so the data is real-time.

Hi Tomas, that makes sense - but can data be slow to update in the UI? e.g. an order is fulfilled, but doesn’t update in the UI for X minutes/ hours?

Hey @daniellanger, there are some async processes, but they don’t take that much unless it is batch processing through CSV. Those can take longer, but you won’t see it reflected in either the UI or the API until it gets to that line.