How to query a list of shipping options (carrier & method)

Hello i want to get a list of carrier and methods in order to make the order mutation

Hi @karimedrees
Do you mean a list of all the carriers and methods available to an account? That would not be something available in the public API. You can access all the carriers for an account in the UI here

Would you please add a request for this feature in your API? We need an end point for “shipping_carriers(account_id)” and “shipping_methods(carrier_id)”

Why? Our business builds an internal order management system that sits between various ecommerce platforms and Shiphero providing features designed for a large volume call center managing several different ecommerce stores and related ShipHero accounts. We are adding new accounts with different carriers/methods as our business grows and need to stay in synch with this data in related systems.

Hey @bbarrett,

Thanks for the detailed explanation.
I’ll pass along this feedback to the team!