Set up shipping method for API orders

Hi team,

As advised by the support, I am reposting this ticket here.

I tried to set up shipping methods for a customer who creates its orders in Shiphero through the API.

It looks like I am only able to set up a shipping method for orders coming from CMS listed in the “shop” dropdown list.

Is there a way to create shipping methods for order coming from the API?

If no, could you please submit a feature request?


Hi @paul-wing
Thanks for reaching out!

For orders coming in through the Public API we don’t use mapping from

The way to set those is upon order creation when sending:

  shipping_lines: {
    title: "UPS"
    price: "0.00"
    carrier: "UPS"
    method: "Ground"

When sending the Order data.

If you would like to Automate this like mapping, you could also use Automation Rules for this, and setting for example an order Tag or Shipping method as a trigger.

Please let us know if we could provide a better explanation or there is anything else we could help with.
Thanks in advance!