Inventory Planner Integration Request

In light of the new API/Developer Portal I’d like to request an integration with Inventory Planner! This app connects with our shopify store (and also connects with 3rd party marketplaces) and has been essential for us to manage our inventory. It uses an algorithm to generate purchase order qty on needed sku’s (this has been the most beneficial for us managing 6000+ sku’s). I can literally click a button and generate a purchase order that is ready to go. There’s many more bells and whistles for managing your inventory and forecasting.

Integration Functionality
Since we are doing most of our purchasing in inventory planner it would be ideal if PO’s synced with shiphero when created. Also the option to sync costs to and from shopify/shiphero if receiving through either system.

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Wassup @jonsuppz - sounds smashing! You have any contacts over at Inventory Planners that could benefit from seeing the ShipHero API docs? :slight_smile:

I will definitely check in and see what I can do!

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+1 for this! We also use Inventory Planner and have to do quite a bit of csv export/import to save time when creating and updating POs between ShipHero and Inventory Planner. An integration that could let us create the POs in Inventory Planner, have them synced to ShipHero, and then also synced back to IP when the order is received in SH would be perfect :+1:

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Heads up - the integration with Inventory Planner is up and available for use (I will be sending this out on our weekly email too)

Awesome, thanks for the heads up!

Circling back to our conversation about xero, I gave up on using it as the zapier integration between xero and Shopify was insufficient to even carry over order data.

I’ve been working on a zapier connection - I’m looking for some additional assistance from the Xero team. I can send an invite over to you for our beta Zapier app if you’re interested.

Sure thing, I’d be interested to check it out. Have you looked at a quickbooks integration? They seem to have the stronger integration with shopify/zapier.