Inventory Snapshot Error


We are a 3PL account looking to implement the inventory snapshot feature. We are getting an error that we don’t know how to correct.

"status": "InventorySnapshotStatus.error",
"error": "'warehouse_products'",

We are getting this error when we do a company wide snapshot. I then tried it with each customer and while most work I have gotten it on specific customer. I have tried specifying the warehouse as well with no difference. Here is a request ID for a customer level snapshot that had the error. 61b0cceb85ed52dcbc421205. This may not be the only customer impacted by this.

Hello @Nabelops!
I will have to create an Engineering ticket for this, as there seems to be a bug.
Have you tried using the old format new_format: false?
Please let me know if that returns an error for you too.
Have a nice day,

Just tried it as false and got the same error. 61b257f875af0e4989107c74

Hello @Nabelops!
The error is related to duplicate SKUs in that warehouse. I will send further details in an inbox as it has private information.
Have a nice day!