Inventory Snapshot Stuck at Enqueued


We are no longer able to generate inventory snapshots (as of 3/15/2021 9:00p ET).

We stop watching them at 30+ mins in the “enqueued” status.

We have no other pending snapshots and are not able to sync our inventory correctly.

Aborting “enqueued” snapshots does not clear the issue.

Please advise.

Hi @ellatech!
We apologize for the inconvenience!, We are currently working on solving this. We will provide an update asap

Hi @tomasw do you have any update?

Hi @ellatech !
We are still working on this. We apologize for the delayed resolution.
We will provide an update asap :pray:

Hi @ellatech
The issue should be resolved now, thanks for the patience!
Please let us know if you are still experiencing any issues on your side
Thanks again!

@tomasw thank you, it seems to be solved.

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Hi @tomasw , I’ve been experiencing this issue today. I am using a sandbox account and am wondering if I’ve hit a rate limit?

Aborting enqueued snapshots DOES clear the issue, but if there’s a snapshot enqueued and I try to generate a new one I get a response with the error message “Snapshot ‘XXXXX’ is already being processed for warehouse ‘YYYY’ and account ‘Any’”.

Hi @bshap27!
Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our community!
That is correct, we only allow one snapshot at a time, while its being generated you wont be allowed to create a new one.
Let us know if that doesn’t help,
Thanks in advance!

Hey @tomasw , thank you for your quick response. Like the original poster, I am seeing that these snapshots seem to be stuck in the “enqueued” status. I have not been able to generate a successful snapshot for several hours. Can you help?

Hi @bshap27 !
My apologies for that, we currently have an engineer looking into this.
Will provide an update asap

This appears to have fixed yesterday around 4:30p ET, thank you.

However, receiving regular inventory snapshots is a critical component to our operations, but this is the second multi-day outage in less than 3 weeks with this tool.

Is there an alternate method for gaining regular (i.e. hourly or more frequent) inventory updates on our product listings? The credit system seems to make inventory calls prohibitively expensive for recursive searches.

Inventory snapshots are once again NOT working properly. This is very frustrating, please advise!

Hi @ellatech!
Thanks again for the patience and we apologize for the inconvenience. We currently have an engineer working on a fix for this and will provide an update asap.
I think that Inventory Snapshot might be the easiest and cheapest way to retrieve all the data, but you can also use Examples – Developer Resources | ShipHero if you will need to fetch specific changes or use the Inventory Update Webhook: Webhooks – Developer Resources | ShipHero
Or the Webhook + A reconciliation Task with the Inventory Snapshot

Thanks again for the patience and we will provide an update asap!

Hi @ellatech
The snapshot should be working now!. Thanks again for the patience and please let us know if there is anything else we could help with

@tomasw We look to be having issues again with snapshots since 7:30p ET on 4/11/2021.

Hi @ellatech
Thanks for the heads up! Do you have the snapshot ID or the error you are seeing on your end?
We are currently investigating this
Thanks again!

Sure - Snapshot ID: 60744476b7143c4f422ce88c

Our errors are not very helpful:
Warning/Error/Message(s): Failed to get snapshot URL.
Followed by:
Warning/Error/Message(s): Unexpected error has occurred.

Thanks for that information @ellatech!
We have forward those details to the engineers working on this and will keep you updated on the progress
Thanks again!


Seems like this issue is happening again (Failed to get snapshot URL 23 mins ago).

Please review / advise.

Hi @ellatech!
We apologize for that. Our engineers were able to find the issue and fixed it.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are still seeing any issues

We are currently changing our monitoring process for this to avoid this from happening in the future