Inventory snapshot json has dynamic values as group name

Does anyone know why the inventory snapshot json file genereated by “inventory_generate_snapshot” query has dynamic values as group name? e.g., in below json snippet, the first “149” is the sku value, not a name of the section. This will mess up my parser. Anyone has same problem and any idea how to work around this? Thanks in advance!

“snapshot_id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“warehouse_id”: “”,
“customer_account_id”: “”,
“snapshot_started_at”: “2023-08-31T16-30-53+00:00”,
“products”: {
“149”: {
“sku”: “149”,
“account_id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“vendors”: {
“VmVuZG9yOjM4NTc2Ng==”: {
“vendor_id”: “VmVuZG9yOjM4NTc2Ng==”,
“vendor_name”: “Lavender Shadow”,
“vendor_sku”: “”

Hey @pei_cribsi,

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I see you’ve already made a Customer Support Ticket regarding this issue. Let’s continue in that thread.