Inventory Snapshot Post URL

Hi! I understand that within the inventory_generate_snapshot mutation request we can specify a post URL to receive the generated snapshot. However, I can’t find any documentation on providing credentials to post to an endpoint or bucket securely - does the post url have to be public? Thanks!

Hi @bshap27!
If you point to your bucket does it show you an error?
Have you tried including the post_url_pre_check:false field?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @tomasw , I would love to be able to post the snapshot directly to our internal inventory service, which requires basic auth

Hi @bshap27!
Thanks for explaining that!
Currently, that is not possible because we just send the Snapshot either by email or to a public endpoint

We apologize for the inconvenience and please let us know if there is anything else we could help you with.
Thanks again!

Hey @tomasw, another question regarding the post url. I’m seeing that ShipHero is making a call to the post url I’ve provided, but it’s a GET request, not a POST request. I’ve made sure to include post_url_pre_check:false in my inventory_generate_snapshot query. Do I need to enable a public GET endpoint, or is something else going on here?

Just following up on this as it’s currently blocking me, thanks!!

Hi @bshap27
My apologies for my delayed response on this!

That is correct, making the endpoint Public for a GET request and post_url_pre_check:false should do the trick.
In case it helps I use to test something like this and inspect the structure of the notification.

Thanks again!

Hey @tomasw, thanks for the response. I did use requestbin and the post_url callback seemed to be a POST request, not a GET request. (also, logically a POST request makes sense here). Is there something I’m missing?

My apologies for that @bshap27 you are right, it is a POST :pray: