Inventory snapshots

Hello guys,

One thing I noticed is that sometimes the inventory snapshots get stuck with “enqueued” status for quite some time. This is the latest example:

“data”: {
“inventory_snapshot”: {
“snapshot”: {
“snapshot_id”: “5f9f4bdb2332e96e45714d10”,
“job_user_id”: “XXX”,
“job_account_id”: “XXX”,
“warehouse_id”: null,
“customer_account_id”: null,
“notification_email”: null,
“email_error”: null,
“post_url”: “XXX”,
“post_error”: null,
“post_url_pre_check”: false,
“status”: “enqueued”,
“error”: null,
“created_at”: “2020-11-01T23:59:23+00:00”,
“enqueued_at”: “2020-11-01T23:59:23.562000+00:00”,
“updated_at”: “2020-11-01T23:59:23+00:00”,
“snapshot_url”: null,
“snapshot_expiration”: null

Is there a reason for this? The problem is that ShipHero won’t allow us to request new snapshots when old ones are still pending but in these cases the snapshots are stuck for very long time and I need to manually abort them.

Would it be possible so that if new snapshot is requested, the old request is aborted automatically?

By the way I would like to thank ShipHero team and especially Tomas for helping us out when we ask for help. They really make development work smooth :slight_smile:


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Hi @Darius_VikingC
Thanks for that! I’m glad I’m able to help and see you build great things with our API! :hugs:

Makes sense, I reported that to our team and requested if we can have it working like that, or at least have an abort mutation like the one with inventory sync
In the meantime, I also asked if we could abort this one enqueued.

Is there any chance you could include a request_id ? that way I can map it to the account that has the snapshot

I will let you know as soon as I have an update about it.
Thanks again!

Hi @Darius_VikingC!
My bad, I wasn’t aware we already have a mutation for this.

This would be something like this:

  inventory_abort_snapshot(data: {
    reason:"Some reason"
    snapshot {

This will allow you to abort an already existing snapshot.
Would this work for you?

Thanks again!