IOSS Field Details

With the new IOSS support announced via emil, I’m trying to understand how we would be able to submit a new order with a custom IOSS number via the API. The email mentioned that the public API was updated, but I’m not seeing any VAT or IOSS based fields in the CreateOrderInput details. Can you give a little direction on how we might be able to do this?

Thank you.

Hi OrderDesk,
There are two string fields located in CreateOrderInput as well as UpdateOrderInput:

  • tax_id
  • tax_type

Hi Theresa,

Are these available but just not showing up in the Docs? I’m looking in my GraphQL browser and at CreateOrderInput and I don’t see any tax_id or tax_type values.

Can you speak the available options for tax_type?

Right now we are supporting VAT, IOSS, EORI