Issue between ShipHero x Shopify

Hi, I have been trying to resolve this issue for quite some time between Shiphero and Shopify (and our app integrated within shopify called Grin)

We use a marketing platform called Grin which integrates with our Shopify. All of our orders are placed in Shopify, but fulfilled and shipped through Shiphero. Shiphero should be communicating these fulfillment to Shopify so Grin can pull certain shipments we send out for marketing/ PR packages. However, Shiphero isn’t writing the information back to Shopify so Grin cannot pull that data correctly. Ideally, Grin should be able to pull from Shopify when a package is shipped, in transit and delivered. Right now, all of our packages show as “shipped” and will not update past that.

This is what I’ve gathered from the 3 different customer support / technical support teams:

  1. Grin looks at fulfillment status using Shopify’s fullfilment event API method: and expects the results to be returned the same way native Shopify would handle these fulfillment events
  2. Shopify’s rep has confirmed/identified that ShipHero doesn’t seem to be updating these fulfillment events in the expected way.
  3. ShipHero is showing us the fulfillment status from a different API endpoint in order to prove that the fulfillment is being updated but Grin is not looking at this endpoint/field to update the status.

Ultimately, Grin builds its integration with Shopify in a way that expects that any other 3rd party tools will handle orders the same way Shopify does. It is impossible for Grin to anticipate other 3rd party tools not handling the orders in the recommended way.

I can escalate a case to our engineering team to request looking into looking at the fulfillment status in the way that ShipHero is pointing us to, but really the best path forward would be for ShipHero to enhance their integration so that they are updating fulfillment events in Shopify correctly so that this doesn’t cause problems with any other 3rd party tools you use, or potentially within Shopify directly.

In order to escalate a case to look into this with our dev and product teams I need to better understand where the info that ShipHero is providing is coming from. Can you work with them to answer this question, or alternately help arrange a meeting between us?

This is directly pasted from Grin’s technical team to try and troubleshoot the issue. Any insight or help here would be great so we can ensure everything is running as expected between Shiphero and Shopify.


Hi @honeybumhelp!
Thanks for that detailed explanation, we will be happy to take a look at that for you.
Could you reach us at with that same information?
That way we can look at this with our engineering team that made the integration with Shopify.
I apologize for the re-directed, but this is not Public API actually because the Stores integration (for all the stores you can see at

Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 18.55.26

Those do not use our Public API but they have a dedicated integration.
Thanks in advance and I apologize for the inconvenience!

Hi @tomasw!

Did your engineering team solve this issue with the Shopify integration?

Best regards

Hi Pedro,
Welcome! This question was most likely taken to because it deals with store API integration.