Manage Order Discounts

Hi! We are having trouble integrating our system with Shiphero respecting to order discounts.

In our system, we use three types of discounts, like in Shopify:

  1. Global discount: is applied to the order total
  2. Shipping discount: also to the order total
  3. Product discount: is applied to each Line Item in the order.

For now, we know that Shiphero uses only “Total Discount”, so we are pushing orders which this value is the sum of all of our discounts.

The problem is when orders are updated in Shiphero app, for example, when fulfilling a Cornershop order. The line items were updated, and we have to update those values in our platform (using order reprocess). But there we are encountering with this inconsistency, because we already lost the information about the product and shipping discount, we only have the total discount.

Is there a way to add discounts to the Line Items of an order from Shiphero App? I know there’s a field called promotion_discount, but I don’t know if it should be used for this, and also it is not displayed in the Shiphero User Interface:

Hey @marioreinike,

Thanks for reaching out.

Going to start investigating this matter now. Would it be possible to share the order id of that example as well?

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.