Our account does not have a customer attached to it

we have an account with shipHero, and we have stuffs there, but we can’t use it with the graphql API we always get no customer account attached to the account. which is right, please how do we add a customer account to login account. You can use the requested - 620a3f1c504fdbba512ce269 as reference.

Hello @joshua.o!

I see you are a child account, not a 3PL, so you will not have customers.
The customers field in the account is for the list of child accounts of a 3PL,
Do you want to switch your account to 3PL account?

Kind regards,

I am just a dev in the team, I am not sure if that is what they want but the problem is we are unable to create purchase order with that account

thank you it works, I was able to resolve it. thank you

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