Obtaining PO Line items via API

We’re having an issue integrating ShipHero with our BI Tool. The main issues seems to be around grabbing the PO’s and the line items associated with them. We are currently performing the below steps when performing a query for PO information.

  1. Query all PO headers
  2. Query those PO #’s at the line item level. To do this, he must follow the following pattern

Query PO# 1 line items, then wait 7 seconds, Query PO #2 line items, then wait 7 seconds, etc….

  1. Using this setup, where we also query product inventory in the same flow, it takes a very long time to pull all the records and ends up failing on his end before it can be completed.

The big issues seems to be the two following issues:

  1. We are limited to 100 credits, which means that he is having to wait 7 seconds between each PO line item query to get enough credits back in order to perform a new query
  2. We don’t see of a way to query all PO’s at a line item at once, meaning we are having to query them one at a time. We can query PO headers in bulk, but don’t see a way to do so at the line item level.

Is anyone able to help with a solution for this?

Hi TBaxter,
Sometimes the query can be optimized, and we will be happy to take a look. Please send a request id and we can take a look at the information you are trying to pull and see if there any trimming that can be done.