Order_add_item API

Hello I have successfully been adding items from this API. I thought I would spruce it up with the item photo being added. So I added the photo in the item, but when the product gets added to the order, it doesn’t add the picture. I also notice there is no way to add the link to the photo whether it be though the order add item API, or the other other Mutation that adjusts line items on the orders.

Hello @JustinAnchored!

Could you share with us an SKU that does not display the image in the order and an order ID?

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Absolutely! orderID: T3JkZXI6MjQyNTUzNzgx , SKU: TCCrumbMyan

Link to the order:

Hello @JustinAnchored!

Are you seeing it now? I can see the image in both the product and the order.

Do you have another one that is not working now?

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