Order fulfilled webhook

When an order is “Set As Fulfilled”, why doesn’t it send a webhook on the Shipment Update? I know it isn’t shipped, but I can’t see any other ways to get that event.

What is our options?

Hello @Webtimisten!

Thanks for reaching out.

When setting an order as fulfilled, you can choose whether to remove inventory or not.

Removing inventory creates a shipment entry and records the inventory movements associated with the order; you can see this in the UI. The latter doesn’t do either.

The Shipment Update Webhooks triggers specifically on shipment creation. That event never happens when not removing inventory; hence there is no trigger.

From an API perspective, you could query orders by fulfilled status and compare which ones you are missing. I don’t think that is scalable, though.

I am unaware of the business reason for setting orders as fulfilled and not removing inventory. Still, if it’s an option, you could cancel the orders and get an Order Cancel Webhook.

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