Order Packed Out webhook Not Firing?

Hi, I created an ‘Order Packed Out’ webhook for a certain customer and it was successfully registered.

This is the 3rd day since then and that webhook has not fired even once. I checked the orders under this customer for last 2 days with ‘fulfilled’ status, and they were close to 300. Shouldn’t the webhook received something in all these cases? Or am I missing anything?

Pls let me know if you need account details or webhook url for this - I can DM those.
Thank you!

Hi Raj,

This webhook will be called anytime an order is packed from a Tote. If any order after you created the webhook was picked into a tote and shipped from that tote, please provide me with the ACC ID, order ID, and webhook so I can review it.

Have a nice day!

Hmm. Maybe these orders were not first picked into a tote. Is that the problem?
Is there another way to get notified about an order shipped (irrespective of totes involved)?
Thank you!

Most likely, if you want, i can check if any order was picked or not into a tote.

You can do the Tote complete webhook to know which orders have indeed been picked into a tote and compare with the shipment updated webhook to know which ones are those from the tote pick. Deducting would tell you what you need.

Have a nice day!

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Yes please - I just sent you the details, let me know if you need any other info to check if any of these orders were picked from a tote.

The other suggestion is going to be quite a complicated one to set up - I wonder why there has not been an Order Shipped webhook all these years…

Hey @Raj, we always had the Shipment Update Webhook available: Webhooks – Developer Resources | ShipHero. This webhook tells you which items shipped and which order they belong to, as orders can partially ship
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Hey @tomasfd, Yes I’m aware of that webhook, but the partial shipped orders are the problem there. Unless the webhook would also receive info if this shipment that just got shipped was the last one and the order is now complete, it won’t work.
Is that information (order complete, no more shipments remaining) sent to Shipment Update webhook?

Hi @Raj

I have never received the details of any order for us to check.
Where did you send them to?

Hey @Luisperrone,
Except for the order id, I did send all other details about client and webhook in my personal message.
As for a specific order id, you said “if you want, i can check if any order was picked or not into a tote” - so I figured maybe you’d be able to see if any of the orders from the given customer name were picked from a tote.

Hi @Raj ,

I never got any information. Please provide me with the ACC ID, order ID so I can review it.