Order Packed Out (webhook) = Order Shipped?

Hi, Sorry if this is a stupid Q, but I need an Order Shipped alert - is ‘Order Packed Out’ essentially the same thing?
It says ‘webhook will be called anytime an order is packed out from a Tote’, so I’m not entirely sure there.
Thank you!

Hey @Raj,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’ll provide some clarity on the Order Packed Out and Shipment Update Webhooks and maybe that will be of some help.

The Order Packed Out webhook fires as soon as an order is packed and scanned in the warehouse and returns the tote information and some of the order and line item information.

The Shipment Update Webhook fires when the print label button is hit in appdot, and this returns more detailed shipment information.

Would either of these match your use case?


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Hey @sh-agent, Thank you for the quick reply - I discussed this internally and so far it seems ‘packed out’ might be what I need for my purpose, but I’ll be testing it soon to be sure.

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