Order update mutation and multiwarehouse allocation via GraphQL API


I have several questions regarding multiwarehouse allocation and the GraphQL API.

  1. Is it possible to change the warehouse allocated to an order via the GraphQL API? For instance, using the Order Update mutation and changing the Warehouse Id in each Line Item?

  2. How that Order Update mutation will interact with existing multiwarehouse allocation rules? In another post I read that the MWA rules were processed separately from Order Queries.

  3. The same as in question 2, but with the Order Create mutation.

  4. MWA has a minimum distance rule based on zip codes. Does the zip code distance rule work outside the US?


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Hi @pedro
It is my understanding that the mwa rules override all other warehouse allocation and the zip codes only work with the US. However, I am going to do some testing and inquiry on this and will let you know if I discover anything different.

Thanks @Theresa. So in order to use a custom warehouse allocation via API we would need to turn off the multi warehouse allocation rules for that client?

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Hi @pedro,
Just to confirm, yes, MWA rules will override everything, including any allocation via the API. I think if you are allocating the orders through the API for a certain client, yes, turning off MWA would be a good idea. As for the zip code question, MWA uses zones in the US, outside the US it uses a geolocator.