Orders disappear via GraphQL create_order

We seem to be having a lot of trouble with the GraphQL API.

New orders submitted via the API appear to be deleting or overwriting previous orders even if the order_number has been changed. I.e. submit order TEST1011 then TEST1012, only TEST1012 shows in the order list. Attempting to access the original URL for TEST1011 causes the request to hang and eventually time out.

Something else that seems weird is that the Order Date column in the dashboard’s order list “minutes” value is always the minutes of the CURRENT TIME, not the time the order was actually submitted. I.e. if I refresh the page at 6:32PM and the order was created at 2:20PM it will show the order date as 2:32PM in the order list. Sorting by this column does not work.

Automation rules do not appear to be running for orders submitted via the API.

Orders are being set to status “fulfilled” automatically shortly after being submitted, even though the inventory is out of stock. Order information log shows nothing about who “fulfilled” the order so I suspect this is happening automatically and not being manually done by someone at the warehouse.