Orders not showing up

Hi !

I’m having trouble trying to make orders created via api show up in the back office.

One test order I created early on is shown
(id T3JkZXI6MTcwNzg3ODIx)
while others I created from real shop data are not
(for example, id T3JkZXI6MTcxNzc5MTU3)

Also they all show up when I request them via api call with their specific id making an “order” query, but when I try to fetch all “orders” at one they are not shown.

I compared all the fields of the 2 orders I mentionned to spot the difference but they seem to be the same, also I checked the warehouse_id of line items and it’s also the same.

the second order appeared in “endeavour” once I created “method” and “carrier” in shipping line fields (which are not required by default).

Finally, suspecting that might be the problem, I updated “fulfillment_status” to be “pending” but that does not change, the second order still isn’t shown in the back office.

What am I missing here ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Max!
We apologize for the delayed response about this!
Do you happen to have a request_id for an order you created via Public API and not seeing?
Also, in what screen are you not seeing it (URL)?

Thanks in advance!

I am having the same issue request id is “60ccbe6cae3e600b9025d40f”