Parent Tracking Number

Hi @tomasw Does ShipHero support the concept of a parent tracking number? For example, an order is shipped across three separate packages. Is there a way to use the API to return a single parent tracking number, for all packages on the shipment? This tracking number could then be used with FedEx, UPS, etc, to identify all 3 packages on the order?

Hi @isaac.wyatt!
We don’t have that feature. If you use the shipment id for that purpose work for you?
That way you have an ID for all the packages on that shipment
Thanks in advance!

hi @tomasw is the Shipment ID able to be used as a reference ID with a respective carrier (UPS, FedEX) or is it reference ID exclusively for ShipHero?

No, in that case, it is exclusively for shiphero @isaac.wyatt
It will help you find a shipment, in which you will have all the tracking for the boxes.
Is it maybe a manifest what you might be looking for? the one created at
Thanks again!

I believe a manifest is associated with all packages which are shipped on a specific parcel trailer. I am looking for a reference number for multiple packages being shipped to a single customer, on a manifest. The reference number would be unique for each group of packages related to a given order.

It sounds like this does not exist today, but would be a cool feature in the future!

That is correct @isaac.wyatt, thanks for the details!
It does not currently exist, and in the short term we won’t be able to add it, but I logged it for future reference in case we have space for it to be built in the future.
Thanks again!

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