Purchase Order Updated At Fieild

We are working on an API connection between our BI Tool and ShipHero. One issue that has come up are the dates related to updating and closing a PO. We see that if we fully receive a PO, that the date_closed field is updating properly but the issue we are having is when we partially receive a PO.

When partially receiving a PO, the date_closed field remains blank since the PO wasn’t closed, which is what we’d expect. The issue is that we did then expect the update_at field at the line item level would update with a date when a SKU was received or partially received. Instead when we partially receive a PO, the date_closed and update_at field both remain empty.

What do you all recommend as the best way to pull a date for a line item receipt?


Hi @TBaxter
Welcome to our community and apologies for the delayed response about this!

Have you tried using our PO Update webhook to get those update notifications?


Thanks in advance!