Return Update and Shipment Update webhook Event


I have a requirement to get all the real time updates made on Shipment and Return Orders from ShipHero to Salesforce. For which I have registered two webhook events in ShipHero which are ‘Return Update’ and ‘Shipment Update’.
Next I have created two Rest Resource classes in salesforce two get the real time update whenever any Shipment/Return Order records in updated in ShipHero.
I am unable to test this functionality because I am not able to update any Shipment/Return Order record in ShipHero, not even via code.
Can anyone please help me with updating Shipment/Return Order records in ShipHero environment.

Swati Giri

Hello @SwatiOmni123, and welcome to the ShipHero Public API community!
Could you please share with us a request ID for one of each of those unsuccessful Shipment/Return Order requests?
With that information, we can trace what is happening.
Have a nice day!

Hello @tomasfd

Actually I am able to get the Shipments and Return Order records successfully. I want to know how we can edit a Shipment/Return Order record in shiphero UI.


Hey @SwatiOmni1231!
I just sent you an inbox,

Hi @tomasfd ,

I have created a shipment webhook event in ShipHero. Can you please tell me where should I use this request body given in the API documentation


Hi @SwatiOmni123!

I don’t think I’m quite following what you mean. The idea of the webhooks is for you to receive an update, and using the fields/information, update things on your end. But what and how you use it will depend entirely on what you have on that end.

If you don’t understand what some fields mean, I can help you there, but where to use it, you will have to discuss it with the team in charge of the software/DB on your end.

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