Return Update webhook is not triggered when creating/updating a return


I have a webhook registered and visible in my account:

            "node": {
              "name": "Return Update",
              "id": "QXBpV2ViaG9vazoyMjcxOTQw" (correct id)
              "legacy_id": 2271940,
              "account_id": "xxx==",
              "shop_name": "default",
              "url": "",
              "source": "api"

I don’t receive any event while I have many new returns in my Shiphero backoffice since the beginning of the subscription.

Is there an issue here ?


Hello @PierreM!

I checked our backend, and I can’t see any registered webhooks for the account associated with the email with which you are registered here.

I also checked that webhook ID, and it doesn’t exist, although 2271939 and 2271941 do, have you deleted it in the time between your post and now?

Can you share the child account this webhook should be registered to? (you can do this in an inbox to me if you prefer it that way)

Have a nice day!

Hi @tomasfd

Thank you for your help, I sent you an inbox.

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