Server cannot be reached error for registered webhooks API

I am trying to list all registered webhook associated with my account. I am using GraphQL API but always receive an error message “Server cannot be reach” at top and “Failed to fetch schema. Please check your connection” error message in body response. Please check attached screenshot.

Can anybody help me what’s I am doing wrong here?


Hi @khattaki88 , Welcome!
What is the program that you are using?

Hi Theresa,

I am using GraphQL Playground web interface to connect Shiphero API.


I am not familiar with that interface, but I am able to get in on my account. Can you double-check your bearer token and refresh the schema?

Hi Theresa,
I have checked my Bearer token and refresh the schema but same issue. Can IP address and country location be an issue for not connecting to Shiphero API server?

The connection is based on the bearer token and I am not aware of a country restriction. I use Altair GraphQL Client.