ShipHero integration to Robotics

Hey all, I’m in the process of automating our pick operations in preparation for 2020-2021 winter / shelter in place. Here’s an overview of what I’m looking to do, I need to hire a developer to help me through this.

  1. Our core engine for our ecommerce site is Shopify Plus.
  2. When Shopify receives an order it updates ShipHero with all the order information.
  3. Currently we use ShipHero for order fulfilment
  4. We want to add robotics with is the Perfect Pick System and has a core application called Cortex.
  5. We would need to get the order information from ShipHero and place it into a flat file.
  6. Cortex pulls all order information every 10 seconds.
  7. Once the fulfillment team pulls all items Cortex will create a flat file back with the order information.
  8. This file would need to be feed back to ShipHero to update order information.
  9. What I’m looking for the order information to a flat file from ShipHero when orders are received, then the upload of order data back to ShipHero to update the order information.

Please let me know if someone can help build this out for us.

We have a robotics integration with 6 River Systems. Dumping flat files back and forth won’t handle the edge cases and won’t result in a quality integration.

Thanks Aaron,