Shipment Webhook API


I am not getting any webhook events after Jan 2021, when the order gets fulfilled. I need to fix it immediately. Give a solution.

Hi @Venkatesh!
Is there any chance you could send me an order ID for which you are expecting the webhook?
That way I could know the account that you are associated with and investigate further.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi @tomasw,

Please find the order Number - 001863995 and Shiphero order ID - 169075554.
Let me know if you want anything from our end.

Hi @Venkatesh!
My apologies for the delayed response about this.
We have been doing some investigation and it looks like that URL set for the webhook is returning a Status: 404 when sending the webhook.

Is there any chance you could check that URL which the webhook has and see if there might be an issue with that?
Thanks again!

Hi @tomasw

Thanks for the update. We modified the response code and can receive the webhook events now.

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