Shipping country setting to lowercase US


I have another very strange issue in which a similar call works in the legacy API but in ShipHero it behaves very strangely. I think this is more of a bug. The workaround I am doing for now is a very long formula in NetSuite changing state codes to state names.

Please check request id 5f1afc5478372e6dcd1b6391 to see what I mean. The response looks fine, but in the UI you see what is on the attached screenshot, lower-case “us” instead of “United States” on shipping address. I fixed this by sending the full “Utah” instead of “UT” in the “state” field. Billing address goes through fine using “UT”

Hi @Orion
That is correct, you will need to send country: "US"
We have a section about this (not that visible, sorry about that)
Both country_code and state_code have been deprecated, and we use country (and send the country code here).
We have not fully removed those fields yet because we have an old integration that is still using those fields for other purposes and we don’t want to break that integration.
Again, I apologize if this wasn’t that obvious.
Let me know if this doesn’t help.
Thanks again!