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Hi, I want to know if there is a way that when I create a product in Shiphero, it will automatically export it to a connected Shopify store.

Also, I’m curious about this one also look at this picture

This is one of my products now the black square store is not the one I registered it’s my website which I’m calling product_create and warehouse_product_update to add and update products so how is it there, I have another website It has the same API calling but it’s not listed there I want to know how can I add my other site there, also when the push button is clicked will the inventory will be updated in my site also?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Jenish

  1. Products are only downloaded from stores. We don’t push them if they are manually created in ShipHero’s UI.
  2. The push button will only work for native integrations. We cannot update sites/stores that are not natively integrated, as there is no code in place to do so. You will need to create an integration using our API or Webhooks to update inventory in your API-connected stores.

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Hi @tomasfd ,
I am a little bit confused about the second point you explained i have provided an SS to my Shiphero-connected store but I have no store named WJ,

Now I have an API shop named WJ as provided in the second SS

It might be possible that it shows the store WJ in the product because the API WJ has a webhook Inventory Update and the product was created via that API key.
this is the URL to the product that has both API shop names under its store.

If possible can you tell me how can i set up a webhook that will trigger when the product value is changed and also how to add that API shop name under that product store?

Thanks In advance.

Hello @Jenish,

Correct, the WJ store you see in products is part of our legacy API. Having it there has no effect, and yes, it is related to the store name you see in API settings. You won’t be able to add new API shop_names to products.

However, you can add inventory update webhooks; these will trigger on any inventory change. Please check here how: Webhooks – Developer Resources | ShipHero.

To add more than one of the same type of webhook, you will need to use a different shop_name, although this doesn’t have an effect other than distinguishing them.

Have a great day!

Hey @tomasfd ,

Thanks for confirming the other details now I have set the webhook Inventory update in my Shiphero account this is the email associated with the test account we are using email -

I am currently using Laravel for website development now I have set up the web URL like this in web.php

Route::post('/hook/inventory', [AuthController::class, 'hookInvenotoryUpdate']);
Route::get('/hook/inventory', [AuthController::class, 'hookInvenotoryUpdate']);

I have tried with both types of requests but did not receive any data in my controller function so can you help me with this?

Thanks in advance,

Hey @Jenish

Not sure I’m quite following. Webhooks are triggered automatically whenever you do some action in the UI that changes inventory.

If it helps this is the error we are getting from the endpoint you set up when we send them: 419 Client Error: unknown status for url:

Please let me know if you need more information!

Have a great day!

Hey @tomasfd ,

Thank you for your response. I later discovered that the issue was on my end. I appreciate all the help you provided here.


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