Syncing all products to NetSuite

Hello, trying to sync all products between ShipHero and Netsuite with Celigo. I did find this post Get All Products but not sure if this will work in this case as I’m not sure if I can store a variable somewhere in Celigo’s flows. Has anyone done anything similar to this?

Hi @ian.johnston!

Thanks for reaching out, and our apologies for the delayed response.
Are you looking to integrate ShipHero → Netsuite?
Is there a particular reason you are going through Celigo?

Thanks in advance!

Pipe17 has a native NetSuite connector that connects your NetSuite instance with Shiphero for orders, inventory, fulfillment information. You can use it alongside your existing Celigo instance and let Pipe17 take care of Shiphero connectivity. If interested, please reach out via Pipe17 website to get further details or drop a note to Pricing is transparent and online

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