Carrier Name is coming back as API on the Webhook


We have an integration with SH where we are getting Shipment Updates via a Webhook, with shipping and fulfillment on the SH side.

On Canadian orders we are getting back this for carriers:

“custom_tracking_url”: “”, “package_number”: 1, “total_packages”: 1, “shipping_method”: “NetLinks - Standard”, “shipping_carrier”: “api”

Now we get the tracking number but in our system we need the shipping_carrier to form a tracking link to send to Shopify.

Now there is no URL which we can use and the method means nothing. I assume this is coming from SH when they ship but where would this be set in terms of shipping integrations on their side?

Hey @dj.cin7,

Thanks for reaching out!
I’ll have an update regarding this as soon as I can!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.