UUID as partner_order_id

Hi, I’m using the graphQL API to create orders and we are using UUIDv5 for both orders and orderLineItems, the issue is that on partner_order_id the last 4 characters are being chopped while on partner_line_item_id works fine, is there any size limitatin on partner_order_id ? thanks

Hi @apopelka!
Do you have a request-id that we can use to get a closer look?

hi @Theresa yes sure, here you go: “request_id”: “615b7a1d6f67ffdd1eb06269”, thanks

Hi @apopelka ,
I just ran the query through and the partner_order_id came through as a 32 digit id, and when I checked it against our data, it is the same as recorded in our DB. Am I looking at the wrong thing? Did you say you were only getting 28 digits?

Hi @Theresa yes, I’m still geting 28 digits, using Insomina graphql client and also on nodejs using Axios.
I’ve started using order number to cross-reference data, but I’m curious what could be wrong, again this only happens on partner_order_id, on partner_line_item_id it works fine. Thanks for your help

This is strange @apopelka Because the only difference I am seeing is the software to test with. I am using Altair.