Zapier Integration Issue

Hey all,

Wanted to see if there is any way to make it so that when Zapier integrates with ShipHero to create an order, that it does not require the subtotal and tax to be filled out. When uploading a CSV those fields are not required in order to upload. We are trying to run the automation between a Google Form and ShipHero.

Is there any way that this can be adjusted so that Shiphero does not make the order subtotal and tax required, and fills out that information based on the SKU’s that Zapier is trying to import to ShipHero?

It was mentioned to try and put 0 in those fields, but the issue is that they will not even appear on the Google form and we want the Google form to integrate directly with ShipHero.

Let me know. Thank you!

Hi @Nikki!
For Subtotal and Tax, they are not currently required, but if those are not sent, then the values will be set to “0.00”
Please let us know if that doesn’t help!
Thanks in advance,