2 page shipping label printing on 1

There are certain labels span across two pages and are received in PDF. When we print, the label is printing on a single page. It seems Shiphero is applying some transformation before sending it to our printers.

@Tomas Wingord

@tomasw @Theresa

For reference here is the label as it should be:

Order ID:216426904

However at the packing app, the printer is forcing it to scale to a single 4x6 label and not 2 labels.

Hi @parkyongj I am working with @KP2020 to see where the issue may be.

The label is generating well as you can see in the link to the label itself, which would lead me to the printer settings. Do you have a “fit to page” setting?

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@Ivan Arreola can you check if printer setting as “fit to page”?

Hi Theresa,

We do not. We’ve tried printing outside of Shiphero and prints correctly.

Is there some setting within Shiphero that’s causing this?

No, there is not a setting. It seems the label is generating correctly. If you go to the link when you click “view” in the shipment area of the order, it gives the two pages separately. How does it print from there? Will it print two or one page from that link?

@Ivan Arreola can you check?

We did some detailed testing and the packing app along with an API generated label and the two label printing is supported without issue. This brings us back to the printer settings. It does not appear to be an issue in the ShipHero app itself.

Hi Theresa,

We’ve tried printing outside Shiphero and works just fine. This isn’t a single printer issue - rather across all printers which leads us to believe it’s something within Shiphero.

For printer settings, do you have any recommendations on what to check? We’ve checked fit to page which was not enabled.

If you go to the order page and click “view” in the shipment section, it will open the label. Does it print properly from there?

@Ivan Arreola can you check?

Hi folks, I have an engineering ticket in for this issue that is at a status pending engineering. We use Webshipper for our DHL integration and for countries that do not support paperless trade the 2 page pdf is being truncated in ShipHero @Theresa it’s ticket number 155355

@padhraic -

Can you check if the same 2 page pdf truncation is being done on our labels as well?

I am a 3PL customer that has reported this issue as it effects me. Your example pdf above is the same as I see produced in Webshipper. When I view the label in the order as described above there is only 1 page present in the PDF

Theresa - looks like we’re not the only one experiencing this truncation of labels.

Can you please review why this is happening?

Kevin - can I get your help? It looks like a truncating issue on Shiphero shared by others.

Has this been tested at your warehouse yet for when you click view on the order page?

Yes I have been pulling data for the API team in the background. I will see what other resources I can allocate to address this. We are unable to reproduce the error. Was your IT team able to create a few test orders that would route to easypost so we have live data to look at. I see an order #5900 but it seems that was already fulfilled and perhaps used for another test.