3pl customer bespoke store integration

One of our 3pl customers have their own in-house built shopping cart. So there is no way to integrate their shopping cart to our Shiphero.
They have the capability to build API integration though. Is there a way to get them develop an integration so that they can create/update orders; pull tracking information etc? But I want them to have access to their 3pl account only.

Hi @youparcel
Thanks for reaching out!

So this is a customer account on your 3PL account? or is this a different 3PL account from your 3PL Account? (sorry if that was confusing)
Maybe you can share account ids and I can see the setup on our side.
If its a customer of yours (customer account) they should be able to do that perfectly :ok_hand:

Thanks in advance!

It’s the first one (a customer account on our 3pl). I was assuming it to work as well, but I’ve seen some glitches earlier on shiphero. Such as; even if I login with customer account, if I go to pick&pack app or billing app, I can see all customers’ details. So I wanted to make sure the same is not happening with the graphql api access.

Perfect, thanks for confirming that @youparcel!
In that case, 3PL Customers should not be seeing information from other 3PL Customers, if it is being displayed it will need to be looked into it asap. But definitely not something it should happen

Please let us know if there is anything else we could help with,
Thanks again!