Third part developer account - works with some stores but not with others

Hi Rozmana, Shiphero support.

We have given ShipHero API access to a third party developer account. The developer has generated valid access tokens and is using GraphQL to access the order data via query.
The problem is that developer is able to access one store’s data via graphQl query but not other store’s data.

For example data is accessible for:
Shop A

But data is not accessible for:
Shop B

And also not accessible for some other smaller stores.

Can you help us identify the problem as to why that is the case?
Can we configure/select somehow that all store’s orders should be accessible via GraphQl API?

Please check attach.

Thanks and regards.

Hi @Jamalbbb
Thanks for reaching out!

When you say

But **data is not accessible** for:
Shop B

What is the error you are seeing there, is it possible for you to send us the request ID of that error?

Thanks in advance!