How and where to create 3PL Account

Can anyone please tell me how and where to create the 3PL Account at Shiphero.
If possible please share a link where I can create it.

Does It need any kind of subscription or plane which I have to choose?

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Hi @khungersumit!
You could reach our sales team at and schedule a call or chat if that works best for you.

Hi @tomasw

I am not getting any response from the support chat team, I had sent a couple of messages yesterday as well but didn’t get any response yet and scheduling a meeting showing available days gap of 10 days. which is quite long.

I needed it urgently to fix all these

Hi @khungersumit
I will ask and see if I can get that for you
You can reach us also on for this kind of requests
Would this be a test account? or an actual business account?